The Superpower that Every Child Should Have

it’s a fundamental right. It’s the foundation for a better life, a key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and a pathway to a brighter future. A superpower if we dare say so.

Community Development, a Global Endeavor

Among the many things that unite us, is the desire to have better lives, a brighter future, and a sense of belonging. This shared desire is where community development comes in, a collaborative effort to empower individuals and address their specific needs. However, while we share this desire for a better life, community development isn’t […]

The Sustainable Solution to Poverty


While it empowers individuals to achieve their personal goals and financial stability, the impact of economic empowerment goes far beyond just individual success.

Cost of Living: Bridging the Gap for Nigerians

‘It’s easier to love Nigeria from a distance.’ This sentiment seems to be gaining traction among many young people on social media platforms. This shouldn’t be the case, considering how interesting it could be if people found it easier to live in Nigeria. There are about 250 ethnic groups in the country, which means 250 […]