A Season of Hope: Witnessing the Spirit of Christmas in Nkwoagu

Start Date: 27/12/2023
End Date: 27/12/2023
Led by Reverend Father Iroha, the Araceli Aid Foundation brought the spirit of Christmas to Nkwoagu. Through music, performances, and food, the foundation celebrated the season while showcasing its commitment to empowering communities and individuals in need.


On this day, Araceli Aid Foundation, led by the inspiring CEO, Reverend Father Christian Nnaemeka Iroha, brought the true spirit of Christmas to the heart of the Nkwoagu community through one of his parishes – St. Patrick catholic parish – with the mission “to empower the less privileged, improve living conditions, and nurture educational opportunities” rolled beautifully with the festive spirit.

Nkwoagu wasn’t just adorned with twinkling lights and carols; it was enveloped by the warmth of compassion and generosity. Reverend Father Christian Iroha, alongside the dedicated staff of Araceli Aid Foundation, transformed the day into an unforgettable celebration for all.

The air vibrated with joyful music, choirs and individual performers filled the space with song, drama, and laughter. DJ Spyz kept the energy high, and at the end of the program, everyone gathered to share a surplus of delicious food and drinks and cutting of cake.

This heartwarming event wasn’t just about celebrating Christmas; it was a powerful display of Araceli Aid Foundation’s unwavering commitment to uplift communities and individuals in need. It served as a beacon of hope, reminding us that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a profound impact.

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