A Tour of Devotion: Ms. Anne Visits Enugu’s Holy Land Precious Blood

Start Date: 19/02/2024
End Date: 19/02/2024


Ms. Rossmeier had the special opportunity to visit the Holy Land Precious Blood, a sacred place where the faithful go to venerate the relic of the passion of Jesus Christ. On this profound experience, she was guided by the priest in charge of the site, Father Johnbosco.

The tour started with the Walk of Gethsemane which features a statue of Jesus praying on the rock.

Ms. Anne also saw the Scourging Christ, which depicts the injuries that Jesus got from being whipped and crowned with thorns by the Roman soldiers.

Ms. Rossmeier beheld the Garden of Flowers, where there would be 40 statues of Mary on display reflecting the devotion shown to Mary by 40 different countries. Some of the statues on display were familiar to Ms. Anne including Our Lady of Lebanon, Our Lady of Panama, Queen of Love from Italy, and Our Lady of Barangay from the Philippines. She was especially drawn to the statue of Our Lady of America, Rosa Mystica, the main statue of Mary, which is said to have miraculous powers.

The ever-awe-inspiring Giant Crucifix of the agonizing Jesus that stands towering over the area amazed Ms. Anne considering its size. There are also flag poles around the crucifix, representing the countries that were consecrated to the Precious Blood.

Descending into the Underground Chapel that offers a solemn atmosphere, Ms. Rossmeier and AAF’s accompanying team joined the other visitors in saying prayers to the agonizing Jesus. The stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ caught her attention and rightly sparked curiosity about how they were made. 

The tour continued to the Upper Chapel, where Masses are celebrated. This chapel also features yet another statue of the wounded Jesus placed on the altar. Ms. Anne also witnessed the Deanery Pastors’ Council meeting, where the priests discussed the pastoral matters of the Holy Land Precious Blood.

In addition to the tour, Ms. Anne visited the parish house of the visionary: the person who received the messages and instructions from Jesus and Mary about the Holy Land Precious Blood. In concluding this experience for Ms. Rossmeier, Father Johnbosco presented her with a copy of the Holy Land guidebook, containing more information and testimonies about the site to help deepen her understanding of the sacred place.

Finally, Father Cornelius, the leader of the Araceli Aid Foundation, gave a vote of thanks on behalf of Ms. Anne and the Araceli team. He expressed his gratitude to Father Johnbosco and the Holy Land Precious Blood for their hospitality and their witness. He also extended appreciation to Ms. Anne for her support and her faith. He then led the group in a final prayer and a blessing. 

As she prepared to leave, Ms. Anne took a shot with the figure of the giant crucifix alongside the AAF team on tour with her.


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