Christmas Party at Okpara Square, Enugu


There’s no party like the Araceli Aid Foundation’s Christmas party! 

You would know this if you had attended our last Christmas party which was held at Okpara Square, Enugu state. It was phenomenal, captivating, exhilarating, unforgettable! No, we’re not exaggerating because there’s not even enough words to succinctly describe such a party.

Setting the tone for the day, by adding the usual touch of inspiration our CEO, Rev. Fr. Christian Iroha addressed the kids. He emphasized on the immeasurable potential within each child and also took a moment to introduce the Araceli Aid Foundation and our unwavering commitment to supporting their bright futures.

The cultural dance performances not only entertained, but also offered a delightful glimpse into the rich culture of Igbo people. But the entertainment didn’t stop there! Children eagerly joined in a lively “chair dance” game, where they circled around a set number of chairs, vying for a spot when the music paused. With each round, participants were eliminated until only two remained, engaging in a playful dance-off to claim the final seat. 

Adding to the excitement, there was also a spirited dance competition among randomly selected groups of children, culminating in thrilling performances and rewarding the winners with fantastic gift items.

You know it’s not a Christmas party if Santa isn’t there. And Santa was present. With a sack full of gifts! Yet, he did not just stop at gift-giving; he embraced the kids warmly as well as danced alongside them.

But the excitement didn’t end with Santa’s arrival! Adding to the festive atmosphere were some beloved local celebrities—[celebrity names], whose presence lit up the space with even more excitement. This also served as a source of entertainment for the kids.

And here’s the cherry on top: the Question and Answer session wasn’t just a fun activity—it also turned into a life-changing opportunity for three lucky children! Through their participation, and answering a few questions correctly, they were awarded scholarships. This pleasant turn of events was such a heartwarming moment especially for their parents who were filled with gratitude realizing how incredibly impactful it would be on their children’s futures.

It’s a popular saying in Nigeria when people refer to a good party: “rice and stew very plenty,” and we’re telling you that our Christmas party at Okpara Square lived up to that saying and then some! From delicious dishes to refreshing drinks, there was an abundance of food and drink to keep everyone merry. There’s not an iota of doubt in us that everyone in attendance left with their hearts brimming with joy and memories etched in their minds forever.

We want to continue to bring joy to the children in many communities and your support can make a significant difference.

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