Uniting in Song: Araceli Aid Foundation’s Nine Lessons and Carols Service in Amokwe, Udi

Start Date: 30/12/2023
End Date: 30/12/2023
All the attending choirs joined forces for a unifying performance creating a harmonious conclusion.


In the spirit of Christmas and community togetherness, the Araceli Aid Foundation organized a special event: the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols. It was held at Amokwe, in Udi LGA of Enugu state, where our CEO, Rev Fr Christian Iroha, heads a Parish.

As the name suggests, the service revolved around nine carefully chosen readings,  each unfolding the nativity story. Following the readings was the symbolic cake cutting led by Rev Fr Christian Iroha representing his parish, then followed by other esteemed members of the parish community: the catechist, the vice chairman, a representative from the priests present, a representative of the choristers, and a member of the Catholic Women’s Organization (CWO).

Adding to cutting the cake, Fr. Iroha invited the congregation to join him in a unique and celebratory tradition: singing “Happy Birthday” in appreciation for the birth of Christ. This was followed by hearty cheers.

Throughout the evening, the master of ceremonies kept things lively with jokes and stories: he kept the energy high with witty jokes and engaging stories, maintaining a light and festive atmosphere.

However, the true highlight of the evening undeniably belonged to the music. The parish choir, St. Patrick’s Choir, kicked off the musical celebration, setting the stage for other renowned choirs from around Enugu. The Diamond Voices, led by Bro. Eric Mbaeze (Eric Bass), the Coal City Choir led by Ifeanyi Iloadighimma, and the Veneration Choir led by Bro. Charles each presented captivating renditions of traditional carols that lifted spirits and filled hearts with joy.

Diversifying the renditions was a special number presentation by the Nine Choirs Band, owned by Rev. Fr. Christian Iroha and led by Sister Esther. This was followed by a captivating spoken word presentation by Jennifer.

Bringing the evening to a memorable end, all the attending choirs joined forces for a unifying performance, creating a harmonious and savory conclusion.

Expressing immense gratitude for everyone’s participation and contributions, Rev. Fr. Iroha delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks. He extended his appreciation to the choristers, performers, and everyone in attendance for making the service a truly memorable celebration of the Christmas season.

To learn more about our initiatives and discover ways to get involved, visit our website at araceliaidfoundation.org. Join us in spreading love and hope in our community!


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