Araceli Aid Foundation Celebrates Children’s Day with Children in Orthopedic Hospital

Start Date: 28/05/2023
End Date: 28/05/2023
The Araceli Aid Foundation believes that Everyone can fulfill their purpose and we are really serious about making a real difference in the lives of children in Nigeria. This event is also a reminder that even small acts of kindness can have a big impact.


Araceli Aid Foundation, a non-profit organization in Enugu State, Nigeria marked the 2023 Children’s Day celebration in the orthopedic hospital, Enugu State. The foundation organized an outreach to the children’s ward on the said day. The organization came with food, snacks, cake, clothing and also made cash donations to some of the indigent patients in the ward.

The children were all very excited to have a special day dedicated to them. They had not been able to go outside or play in a long time, so the opportunity to dance and sing was a welcome change.

The medical personnel in charge of the ward thanked the Foundation for their support and said that the donation would make a real difference in the lives of the children.

The Children’s Day celebration was a huge success, and it brought joy to the children in the orthopedic Hospital Enugu. It is a reminder that even in the midst of challenges, there is always hope.


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