Bringing holiday cheer and alleviating hunger, Araceli Aid Foundation provided essential food supplies to over 40 families in Ezeagu, and invites your support to further empower individuals across the region.
Araceli Aid Foundation provided essential food supplies to over 200 families in Izza Nkubor, spreading holiday cheer and alleviating hunger in the community.
In this event, Araceli Aid Foundation gives out bags of rice, vegetable oil, tomato, seasoning cubes to plant Joy in the heart of the people, preparing them for thanksgiving, also to help them propagate LOVE that would go round in the spirit of CHRISTMA this merry season. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?
On Sunday, August 20th, Rv Fr Christian Iroha, the CEO of Araceli Aid Foundation, visited Friends of Araceli Aid Foundation in Pueblo West, Colorado. The event was held at 1047 South Green Brier Dr.
Araceli Aid Foundation recently visited the hinterland community of Agbor in Enugu state to support UCEM Foundation, a local organization that provides free holiday extramural classes and vocational training for children in the community.
The Araceli Aid Foundation believes that Everyone can fulfill their purpose and we are really serious about making a real difference in the lives of children in Nigeria. This event is also a reminder that even small acts of kindness can have a big impact.
On the 10th of June, Araceli Aid Foundation was formally inaugurated and blessed to commence operation as a registered organization. The event was strictly on invitation but the gate was still opened to anyone who wanted to come in.